Generating Business Ideas that Actually Work

An idea is just that, interesting but not useful for your business. That is, until you turn it into something that actually works. But it’s hard to get from thought to action.

Entrepreneurs by nature are a constant fund of ideas. But they often lack the management skills to make the best use of them.

So many small business owners report coming up with a concept, but not knowing how to follow through. Then the next year they read about a company implementing the exact scheme they had.

Beyond gnashing your teeth, what can you do to bring your own ideas to life? Here are four ways to make it easier to follow-through with your light bulb moments.

Believe in Your Idea

It’s hard to take action when you listen to those discouraging voices in your head. “It’s been done before.” “It’s not practical.” “It’s really dumb.” Don’t listen! The first job of entrepreneurs is to avoid negative self-talk.

Push ahead, visualize success. Picture your ideal customer. Think up as many ideas as you can for marketing it, even silly ones. Give your idea energy and you give it life.


Take One Simple Action Now


Procrastination kills dreams. Entrepreneurs are especially prone to holding back because failure is part and parcel of entrepreneurship. If it happens too often, it can break a person’s spirit.

Break through the paralysis by taking one tiny action right now. Then write down as many simple tasks as possible. When you have a few minutes, do another small chore. Make a phone call, write up a description of your idea. Contract out a prototype. These small actions will slowly but surely lead you to getting your idea into workable shape.


Sell Your Idea


What if you really don’t have time or energy or money to whip your idea into shape? Sell it! Solid ideas with potential are in hot demand. It means finding the right buyer, but once you do, you can make money even as someone else does the work.


Find a Manager


If you want to control the idea yourself, but time is a problem, find someone to shepherd it to market. Entrepreneurs have long depending on the right manager to organize their disparate thoughts and nudge them to take action. Find someone with the skills you lack and with the proper ability to coordinate the project.







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