Purchase Order Financing

Don’t Ever Worry About Not Being Able to Fill Orders Again!

purchase-orderIf you’re a supplier, distributor, or wholesaler, then you know that the age-old axiom of supply dictating demand doesn’t always hold true. In fact, you can often easily find yourself with a bevy of clients looking to buy what you have to offer without you having the resources needed to meet their requests. Nothing can be more frustrating as a business owner. Fortunately, that’s a frustration that you’ll never have to experience again. We here at Davis Commercial Finance can make sure of that.

The Benefits that Purchase Order Financing Can Bring

We offer a Purchase Order Financing Program that can secure for you unique funding options such as Letters of Credit for trade finance or production financing for orders that may already be in progress. This is a terrific way to secure working capital without having to sell off ownership in your business. Through our program, you can enjoy other added benefits such as:

  • Retaining the freedom to borrow through other traditional channels
  • Being able to meet the demands of production while simultaneously growing your business
  • Increasing your overall market share

Don’t let unfulfilled purchase orders become the albatross that drags your business down into the depths of financial ruin. Rather, use the resources that we can make available to you through our Purchase Order Financing Program to give you the flexibility that you need. To discover more about this and the other funding tools that we have to offer, give us a call today.

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