Stated Income Commercial Real Estate Loans

A Better to Fund Your Real Estate Purchase

stated-incomeIf you’re familiar with the commercial real estate market, then you know full well that the greatest challenge that you often face isn’t finding commercial space that will fit you and your company’s needs, but rather securing financing that offers you the best chance of success with your venture. Often, that will require you to look beyond conventional loans offered through traditional lenders. Thus, having a financing partner that specializes in unique funding options can be a great benefit. You’ve found such a partner in Davis Commercial Finance.

The Drawbacks of Working with Traditional Lenders

You may be asking yourself what potential disadvantages may come from working with a traditional lender. After all, given the volatility of the real estate market, it’s better to be safe than sorry, right? Well, not exactly. In fact, some of the challenges that you encounter with conventional loans may actually impede your being able to get into the property that you want, when you want to. These include:

  • Strict credit requirements
  • Limited funding flexibility
  • Prolonged loan processing periods

When going after commercial real estate, time is of the essence. Any delays in your funding could cause your deal to fall through.

Our Stated Income Commercial Real Estate Program

Not to worry; we at Davis Commercial Finance have just the financing tool for you. Through our Stated Income Commercial Real Estate Loan Program, you can close on your property in as little as 2-3 weeks. That’s because unlike conventional loans, the income value of the property being considered is the primary factor in qualifying for a loan. As long as the property is able to generate sufficient income to cover the mortgage payments and any associated taxes and fees, you’re likely to qualify. This has proven to be a terrific option for those looking to secure all types of commercial properties quickly and without any extra hassle.

Here at Davis Commercial Finance, our team offers the experience and the expertise needed to ensure you success with your commercial real estate purchase. Through the unique lending options that we offer, you’re all but assured to have the funds needed to secure your property and keep growing your business. To get your stated income commercial real estate loan application started, call and speak with one of our team members today.

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