B2B Marketing: 3 things that will make you a favorite among your peers

Marketing is always rather complex, but when you are marketing in a business to business (B2B) setting, it really kicks the challenge level up a notch. You might think your strategy is unique and will work wonders, only to find out the other business has used those same strategies marketing to their customers, and is well aware that you are marketing to them.

While marketing certainly isn’t a bad thing, you do want to come across as authentic. Market your business from the standpoint of excellence, don’t exaggerate, and explain why your business is better than others. That’s the kind of information other businesses love to hear.

Here are three things that we think will make you a standout, even among other rock star marketers:

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Nearly all medium to large-sized businesses are aware of Lean Six Sigma courses that help businesses reduce waste and grow their sales and profits. Lean Six Sigma teaches ways to collect and analyze metrics, which is what marketing consists of primarily. Take the Lean Six Sigma courses online and you will become proficient in these things, while earning a Master Black Belt certification. This will undoubtedly impress your peers, and they will respect your qualifications.

Superstar Salesperson

Being a superstar sales professional proves to your peers that you know what you are doing. You know your product inside and out, can answer all of their questions, and explain to them why your product is better than the competition. While some people are natural salespeople, others need to learn these skills. When you are involved in B2B marketing, it is critical that you are an exceptional sales professional. Your peers on the other side of the table know all the sales tactics you know, but they will respect you if you sell with finesse.

Technology Guru

Tech savvy people are respected and sought after in all industries, and marketing is an area where technology is advancing rapidly. Because marketers use technology regularly, they are in a unique position where they naturally keep up with new advances in the field. Teach a peer something new that will save them time or money, and you can bet their view of you will be elevated.

B2B marketing requires effective communication with peer professionals, so showing them that you are far above the normal Joe Salesman that walks through their door will get their attention, and probably get you lots of new customers. 


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