Financing Equipment Has Never Been Easier
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Whether you are facing limited or challenged credit, or if the upfront cost of equipment is financially prohibitive, Davis Commercial Finance can help. We can obtain leases and financing when others can’t. That’s what makes us a trusted source for equipment financing needs across all industries. From niche IT startups to construction, and even heavy industrial manufacturing plants – Davis Commercial Finance can cover your equipment needs with our quick and affordable financing options.

We have partnered with The Platinum Packaging Group to help you get the machinery and equipment you need for your business. Not only can we help with equipment but we have a lot of other options that can help expand and grow your business as well.

Benefits of Equipment Financing with Us:

  • Approval regardless of poor credit, past bankruptcy, tax liens, or repossession
  • No financial statements necessary
    Little or No Down Payment
  • Take advantage of low-cost leasing to grow your business, increase cash flow, and accumulate capital
  • Numerous payment structures
  • Approval within 24 hours
  • Larger tickets in 3-5 days

Other Working Capital Solutions

Every business can benefit from a strong partnership with a commercial finance institution. At Davis Commercial Finance we understand that working capital is the lifeblood of any business, this is why we are dedicated to improve your business and help get you the solutions you need to grow.

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