Tackling the Challenges of Starting a Small Business

Venturing into the world of small business ownership takes courage and perseverance. Face these common small business challenges head on and make them stepping stones instead of sinkholes.

Shortage of Cash

Insufficient funding is one of the small business challenges that many new start-ups face. Whether you have underestimated your expenses or overestimated your resources, it’s hard to focus on growth when creditors are knocking at the door. You have to pay the bills somehow. One option is to apply for a small business loan. This allows you to deal with your debts and gives you the breathing space to get your eyes back on your business goals. Another option is to initiate a crowdfunding page to lure investors into supporting your business. If all else fails, use a credit card to keep your business financing going. Scale back spending to the bare essentials to be sure you are staying within your budget.

Delayed Construction

Waiting for completion of the construction of usable business space is one of the most frustrating of small business challenges. In your initial estimates, always allow time for delays and additional costs. Hire a licensed contractor, and sign a comprehensive contract that covers the work to be done, the completion date, and the contractor’s responsibilities if the work falls behind. Be sure that the contractor is insured and bonded so that you receive compensation if the job remains incomplete. Consider mediation if your contractor is not performing up to par. If necessary, fire and replace a substandard contractor.

Difficulty Finding Suitable Employees

Finding qualified personnel is among the most difficult of small business challenges. Don’t rely on just one listing, but spread your search across multiple platforms. Post an accurate, detailed description of the position requirements. To save time on in-person interviews, conduct a preliminary interview over the phone first to assess whether the candidate has the basic qualifications for the job.

Facing these small business challenges with foresight and resolve strengthens your enterprise and helps it to thrive. For professional assistance with small business difficulties, look to Davis Commercial Finance.


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