How to Properly Manage Your Cash Flow

Cash flow in business, especially small businesses, is absolutely necessarily in order to operate. Cash flow provides you with the means to actually run the business, by providing you with the finances to order inventory or supplies, buy machinery, and pay your employees among other things. However, keeping a steady flow is rarely easy, and can often lead to mismanagement. If you are in need of assistance for managing your cash flow, we can help. We have compiled four ways to best manage your cash flow, so that your business can truly succeed.

Incorporate Technology

Work towards understanding the technology needed in today’s booming industry, and make it work for your business. Learning how to navigate storage sites and the Cloud will make it easier to keep track of all your business records and backups of important documents. If your business runs social media accounts, technology also makes it much easier to communicate with potential clients and those with questions.

Manage Inventory

The inventory of a business is essentially its backbone. Understanding how it works and what data it collects will help you plan or the future, based on the demand of the past. Keeping your inventory well stocked and fully managed will make running your businesses that much easer.

Stay Current with the Bank

Be sure to keep your bank updated, as banks can offer a variety of helpful services as well as deliver swift penalties. Tell your bank whenever you foresee any unpredictable outgoing cash flow, or changes in cash flow in general. They can help by providing overdraft protection, as well as credit, so keep them in the know on all your finances.

Payment Arrangements

Not knowing how long the timeframe between when you invoice and when you are paid can be very stressful, especially as you watch the bills pile up. Eliminate the stress by introducing a direct debit as an important part of your invoicing process. This will help by creating a steady cash inflow, and minimizing the costs associated with payment collection.

Flow, not Profit

One of the biggest mistakes small business owners make is only focusing on the profit margins, and not the cash flow. Your profits essentially depend on how much money is both coming in and going out, and hoarding money and calling it profit will not do your business any favors. An easy way to create steady cash flow is by finding and keeping dependable clients, and they do not have to be large. Smaller clients that are quick to pay are an incredible asset to any business, especially a small business.
If your business needs help with cash flow management, consider these tips. If followed correctly, your business will soon be thriving, and therefore so will you. During times of hardship, or when your cash flow is suffering, you can count on Davis Commercial Finance to be there for you! Contact us to learn more today!


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