Millennials: Why They Are Valuable to Your Business

Millennials get a bad reputation in the business world. Oft-labeled as idealistic, lazy or entitled, there’s a lot of negative press surrounding those in the generation aged roughly 22 to 37. It’s worth looking at a list of strengths and assets this age group can bring to your business rather than relying on bad press to form an opinion of young workers,


Media and Technology Savvy Workers

Instead of having to walk a new hire through the basics of using Microsoft Word, or worse, your business’s social media accounts or nearly any new piece of tech, turn to the millennial on your team. Millennial children grew up around technology but also remember a time before it, therefore they’re the perfect workers to bridge the gap between tech savvy and non-tech savvy employees, and there’s no lack of curiosity in that age group for trying new things or experimenting with tech to see if it could better serve your business.


Balanced Optimism and Realism


Due in part to the political and economic climate millennials witnessed while growing up and coming of age, many workers in this age group possess both a boundless optimism tempered with a grim, almost pessimistic realism. Because of this, workers in this age group tend to seek out solutions to problems endlessly, even turning to unconventional methods to solve problems. While they prepare for the worst yet hope for the best outcome in life and in business, millennial workers are an asset in their out-of-the-box, entrepreneurial thinking that is sometimes misread as entitlement or laziness.


Communication Skills and Gratitude

Many millennials were raised with the mantra of “if you work hard and go to college, you can be nearly anything,” which is simply not true in today’s world. Therefore, they understand the value of hard work in all aspects of a business. Going hand in hand with that is communication: most workers in the millennial age group possess excellent communication skills in verbal, written and technological formats. While this can read as a lack of respect or protocol by older workers set in their ways, it can be an asset if your younger workers are actively trying to reach out to others on your team.

An Abundant Workforce


With over 76 million millennials, all of whom are of working age, you’d do your business a great disservice by not counting them as one of the most important assets to your workforce or your target market.