How to Handle Your Real Estate Customer Reviews

Once you have started building your real estate business, you should start trying to get some online reviews. Once those reviews start to come in, you need to know the right way to manage them so you can maintain a positive online reputation. Use these tips to handle your online customer reviews.

Pay attention to the positive reviews

Some people think that you should only reply to negative reviews but you do not want to ignore the positive reviews. When you are replying to them, make sure your response is quick and upbeat. Also, be sure to proofread your replies so you can show a professional response every time.

Reply to the negative reviews.

You will have some positive reviews but you are more likely to have more negative reviews. You always want to respond to these because you never know when you can turn the negative into a positive. Plus, you want other people reading the reviews to know your side of the story and see you making an effort to fix things.

Stay neutral in your responses

Even if you want to get angry, you need to avoid creating a fight or getting defensive. Instead, focus on your apology and trying to fix the situation. Even if they bring in personal attacks, ignore them when you are responding. Remember that you are not just responding to the upset customer. You are speaking to a larger audience. You do not want to respond in the wrong way and appear petty.

The way you present yourself online is very important. If you keep these tips in mind, you will create a great online appearance in no time. For more information on ways to better your business, be sure to contact Davis Commercial Finance.