Packaging Pointers: 6 Tips For Retail Success

The overall success of a consumer goods product not only relies on quality and price, but also the nature in which it is presented to the public. Where a retailer decides to place a product within their store will play a big part in the final outcome. This is why it is so important to effectively communicate your expectations with retailers. Here are 6 packaging pointers to consider when expressing your ultimate goals with them:

1. Understand Their Business

Focus on efforts such as sell-through, planogram developments, and seasonality. Understanding what drives success for retail is an important step in your packaging process.

2. Centralize on the Consumers

Retail buyers are a key role for most organizations, and are evaluated based on the products they buy. Developing products that are sought after is among many major packaging pointers to consider.

3. Design for the Right Price Point

Packaging companies should create options for retailers by keeping in mind the various prices that consumers will pay for items in demand. There are many packaging pointers geared towards pricing that should be reviewed.

4. Raise the Profile of Your Packaging

Retailers try to set themselves apart from competitors to encourage more repeat buying trips. Ease of use, performance improvements, and distinctive branding are all elements that can help solidify the short attention spans of consumers.

5. Innovate Strategically

Typically, retailers tend to look for improvements in shelf efficiency, and customer simplicity. The success of both retailers and packaging partners is based on ensuring a customer’s ability to easily identify and purchase what they are searching for.

6. Help Consumers to Better Understand and Use Your Product

Perhaps among the most valuable packaging pointers to consider is helping consumers to use your product effectively and efficiently. Doing so will help to drive additional and repeat product sales.

By following these packaging pointers, you can go a long way in driving repeat business, and customer satisfaction. They will also help to find new solutions that benefit you, and improve the overall final outcome for retailers and packaging partners alike.


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