3 Values That Make a Positive Impact in Business

If you have a growing business, you’ve got employees. To attract and retain the best ones, it’s crucial to demonstrate and instill live-giving values. It’s also important to make a distinction between absolute values and ones that evolve. In addition to employees, other people work with you and connect with your business; clients and customers, partners, vendors, your community, and the environment. True, you can call them “stakeholders,” but they’re much more. A trusting, authentic relationship with them is essential. Here are three values that will make a positive impact on your business and everyone surrounding it.

1. Inclusive Attitude

Being inclusive involves being appreciative of others’ uniqueness and bringing all kinds of people to the table. Not only that, but it also means allowing everyone to have an impact on directions, decisions, and growth. This doesn’t mean condoning unnecessary distraction and drama — for example, when identifiers are used to sow division. Effective inclusion should be an organic part of the way you do everything as a business, from hiring to holding meetings, to your brand identity, to the big and small decisions you make.

2. Positive Culture

Living out the values of your company is important. So is the mood of your organization. When you’re talking about “culture,” though, it means something more. It has to do with how all people within it make it feel — both in teams and individually. Your greatest asset is your people. Conformity is not the goal; cultivating strengths is. The best manager coaches and empowers employees to grow and succeed in their job.

Some of the most important skills to cultivate a positive culture include being decisive in the face of conflict, being honest and transparent, listening and being willing to admit when you’re wrong, being sure that your business and employees’ values are aligned, and encouraging your workers to be creative and independent while still holding them accountable.

3. Service Orientation

Service orientation is inextricably tied to your legacy as a company. What will be your lasting impact? It’s a lot more than one or two service projects; it’s the culmination of hundreds of unselfish, high-value, small, and often unrecognized acts every single day. Be aware of how all of your giving is directed and measured if it goes beyond dollars, and how you inspire your employees to give more.

Strong values are a bedrock of your business and living them out is vital. Maintain these key values as you grow.